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Footprints DVD (2011) by New Shepherd Films



Footprints is the true story of a man named David who had given up on life and a dog named Cadie who was neglected and abandoned.  Both felt alone and unwanted, until God brought them together.  "Angels are real.  Some even have fur".

Footprints was created by New Shepherd films, which produces heart-warming family movies with Christian themes.

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"Footprints is the story of a man who finds the healing power of love only after he's lost everything he valued and given up.  It is a true story of a dog who learned to trust only after she'd been discarded as worthless.  It is the true story of a journey the two of them took that neither knew would bring them together.

But God did.

Through His guidance, a man and a dog would experience the transformation of being unwanted to becoming cherished.  And in the process, they would impact lives around them in ways only God could imagine."

Based on the novel Memoirs of an Angel by Jim Huggins
Screenplay adaptation by Terry Burns
Hartline Literary Agency

Watch the trailer of Footprints:


For more information about the Footprints movie and New Shepherd Films, visit http://www.footprintsmovie.com/

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